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New cultural building in Buenos Aires

New cultural building in Buenos Aires

On May 21st a symphony hall with capacity for 1920 people in the so-called Blue Whale, an imposing structure, shaped obviously whale, which is located in the industrial wing of the building of the avenue Leandro N. Alem; (previously Post Office) will be opened. The place has a 3500 pipe organ, made in Germany by the firm Orgelbau Klaiss, that weighs 35 tons, today, in the process of tuning. The building is divided into two parts: the historical and industrial one. The first is dedicated to restoration, preserving the three huge windows and all the antique furniture. There is the hall of honor and what was the office of Eva Peron. In the basement will still work the post office which will have on display the old counters and even 5000 mailboxes, numbered iron, a relic. On the industrial side is where the symphony hall and the Chandelier, that will be used for art exhibitions were incorporated.

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