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Icon in La Boca

Icon in La Boca

This transportation bridge was built in England and then assembled in Argentina. It began to work on May 31, 1914. It played a fundamental role for the time: in a hanging car, fastened by steel cables of 20 mm diameter that ran through a top rail, people and carriages crossed from one side of the Riachuelo. It was of great utility for the port activity that was developed in the area and served as a connection between the city's shore and that of Avellaneda, a district that was characterized by its booming industrial activity. In a few minutes, hundreds of workers crossed the canal. But the old bridge ceased to be active in 1960. Works for the enhancement of this bridge cataloged as the national historical monument - one of eight structures of this type that remain in the whole world is expected to be operational within three months. I hope to see it working again soon!! Private tours in Buenos Aires with local guides.

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