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Curutchet house and Le Corbusier.

Curutchet house and Le Corbusier.

Curutchet was a surgen who asked Le Corbusier to build his house and nest to it his consulting room.He agreed to build this amazing house in the citu of La Plata. It was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. So it is a pride fro people living in this city to have such an important work done by such a prestigious architect. The way in which the tree accentuates the verticality of the space between the two volumes is another point to consider. The program of the house Curutchet is distributed in horizontal layers superposed, a strategy that allows the housing to occupy the cover of the office to share between both facades the visual domain over the forest. In this context, the tree is the only element that crosses vertically all the levels of the house. There are guided visits that will enable you to understand this wonderful piece of art.

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