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Malbec´s day in Buenos Aires

Malbec´s day in Buenos Aires

For lovers of Malbec: unforgettable events in Buenos Aires to celebrate the world day of the Argentine star strain. World Malbec Day is celebrated every April 17 in Argentina and in different cities abroad. The reasons why this date was chosen is that the strain arrived in Argentina in 1853 from the hand of the French Michel Aimé Pouget, an agronomist hired by Domingo Faustino Sarmiento to carry out the direction of the Quinta Agronómica de Mendoza. And it was precisely on April 17, 1853 when the project was presented before the Legislature of that province to found a Quinta Normal and a School of Agriculture, one of the fundamental tramadol of the national vitiviniculture. Thus, Wines of Argentina every year promotes celebrations in different cities around the world, to celebrate this original strain of the French region of Cahors but found in Argentina its best terroir. There will be several wine tastings in Buenos Aires in many restaurants and wineries. This is another reason for visiting Buenos Aires. On our private tours we offer wine tastings, city tours, Delta of Tigre, Gaucho Day and many more tours. All of them are tailor made according to your wishes.

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