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Recoleta Cemetery

Recoleta Cemetery

This cemetery is the third most important in the world for its statues and mausoleums. It is also a way of learning and understanding how rich Argentina once was. Looking at its magnificent graves you will realize how much money these families had, and some of them still have today. They were so rich that they spent incredible amounts of money building the most fascinating mausoleums. All of them were built by artists from Italy, Germany and France. It was also a competition among families as you can imagine. Each one wanted to have the biggest and most elaborated mausoleum. Being in this cemetery was considered very important for their status. As you can imagine the Recoleta Cemetery is only for rich families. Some of our presidents rest here and other personalities too. I cannot avoid to tell you that the most visited grave is Evita´s one. There are always fresh flowers that people bring and sometimes you can also see letters or muscle relaxers at her grave. So this is not just a cemetery, it is the cemetery. I advise you not to skip it if you visit our beautiful Buenos Aires city. There are guided visits along the cemetery or if you take one of our private city tours in Buenos Aires this is a place that is always included.

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