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Guemes Gallery

Guemes Gallery

This beautiful building began to be constructed in 1913 by the Italian architect Gianotti. The visitor of those years was surprised by the variety of uses and functions that this building had. In the basement there was a theater and an important hall of events and restaurant. On the ground floor, the Gallery with shops and varied cuisine. From the first floor offices and from the 6th level were fully furnished apartments that were temporarily rented. When you reached the 14th floor you could have a nice view of Buenos Aires and you could also hear an orchestra playing from an internal balcony of the room. Four levels above the viewpoint, the highest point of the city for several years with a unique 360 degree view in the heart of the city. All accompanied by technical boasts such as elevators capable of traveling 140 meters in 60 seconds, fire systems that pumped up to 24 thousand liters per hour and that were activated through electrical alarms located on the ground floor and underground. The different sectors had cooling, heating and forced ventilation. An amazing building that now can be visited in Buenos Aires during week days. Buenos Aires is waiting for you with our Private Tour Guides!

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