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The Usina of the Arts

The Usina of the Arts

The building was designed by the architect Juan Chiogna to lodge a super-factory of the Ítalo-Argentine Company of Electricity, and constructed by Martignone and Sons between 1912 and 1916. Between 1919 and 1921, the complex was extended by new facilities to supply to the increasing demand of Buenos Aires. During the following 80 years it worked providing electricity to the city. With the privatization of the public services during the menemismo (decade of 1990), the factory remained definitively left and began its ruin. After a decade of abandon, between August and September of the year 2000, the National Government (President Fernando de la Rúa) and that of the city (Chief of Government Aníbal Ibarra) decided to undertake together the task of recovering the building. Nowadays it is a cultural center.

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