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Benito Quinquela Martin´s Museum

Benito Quinquela Martin´s Museum

The Museum of Benito Quinquela Martin has spacious rooms where the heritage is exhibited along with temporary exhibitions. It also has impressive sculpture in its terrace and one of the most important collections in Latin America of Mascarones de Proa. You can visit: Benito Quinquela Martín House-Museum, where personal objects and a large amount of his artistic production are exhibited. The Argentine Art Show where great works by Argentine artists, temporary exhibitions and the Figurehead Collection of Proa are exhibited Quinquela Martín is considered “the painter of ports” and he is one of the most popular painters in the country. His port paintings show the activity, vigor and roughness of daily life in La Boca port. He had to work as a child carrying bags of coal and these experiences influenced the artistic vision of his works. He exhibited his works in various exhibitions held in the country and abroad, he managed to sell several of his creations and donated many others. With the economic benefit obtained from these sales, he carried out several solidarity works in his neighborhood, including a school-museum known as the Pedro de Mendoza School. He did not have a formal education in the arts but was self-taught, which on several occasions led him to be undervalued by the artistic elite and critics, towards his work and works . He used the spatula instead of the traditional brush as his main working instrument.

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