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El Ateneo Bookstore

Erected on the old Grand Splendid movie theater in the Recoleta neighborhood, the Ateneo Bookstore retains its former splendor and elegance, with the frescoed cupola, original railings, and intact decor. In the old stage, with the velvet curtain, there is a café that invites you to sit book in hand. You can also take advantage of the armchairs that are on both sides of the main room or sit in the exclusive boxes that work as small reading rooms. In the basement there is a sector dedicated to children's books, and the upper floor is dedicated to samples and exhibitions. If you want to know more about this amazing street visit: The Grand Splendid theatre opened its doors in 1919 and immediately became one of the beacons of Buenos Aires culture: it held concerts of ballet, opera and the first sound films broadcast in Buenos Aires. The National Odeon seal, today the EMI seal, had its headquarters here. Under that label, in 1920 Carlos Gardel began to record. The room in which he recorded still exists, although it cannot be visited. Also on the top of the building, its first official broadcast began in 1923, LR4 Radio Splendid. In the year 2000 the bookstore chain El Ateneo remodeled it as a bookstore, in fact one of the most beautiful in the world.

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