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Café Tortoni

Café Tortoni

El Gran Café Tortoni, Argentina’s oldest and most famous café, has been an integral part of the porteño landscape and lifestyle since it opened its grand brass-handled doors to the public back in 1858, 150 years ago to date. Celebrations have been taking place since the start of 2008, with a notable performance of Puccini’s renowned opera ‘La Bohème’ currently showing with tickets selling like hot empanadas. Within Café Tortoni’s heavy-set oak-panelled walls, at its green marble tables, have sat some of Latin America’s most celebrated intellectuals, artists and politicians alike. At progressive points throughout history Tortoni has been a favourite haunt of tango singing sensation Carlos Gardel, Argentina’s most successful literary export Jorge Luís Borges and feminist writer Alfonsina Storni.

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